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Christi Love
The BFF Doula

Being a doula is a true labor of love. One that requires caring, tenderness, patience, passion, and above all of course, love.


Christi’s love, passion, and drive for a career in the beautiful, miraculous world that is pregnancy and birth began several years ago after experiencing that of a family members birth, her first birth as an onlooker. That experience ignited a longing in her. That longing aspired her to be a part of that world, not for herself, but for other woman. Being their friend and support system. Helping woman to realize how truly strong they are, to feel empowered, as they became a miracle and brought new life into this world as only women can. Through Christi’s aspirations, “The BFF Doula” was born! She takes great satisfaction in knowing that she is currently on the right path, her path, in pursuit of achieving her career goals, with plenty of support of her own via family and friends as it all comes to fruition. She is fulfilling a dream while doing what she absolutely loves at the same time, helping others!

Christi, The BFF Doula, provides support to all pregnant women, with an open heart and mind. She is here to support you and your choices, as it pertains to pregnancy and labor. Think of her as your pregnancy best friend, because that’s exactly who she is there to be. Your BFF Doula!

Certified Doula Practitioner

Birth Arts International - Currently In Progress

Certified Midwife

International School of Midwifery - (On Leave)


South University - Bachelors of Science in Health Science - (On Leave)

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Christi Love

Birth Doula

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Serving The Miami, Homestead & Kendall Areas

Homestead, Florida l 786-457-7345

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